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Failure analysis of glass machinery

Glass mechanical equipment in the process of operation, its internal parts to bear the force, heat, friction, wear and other functions, with the growth of the use of time, its running state changes constantly, some performance will be gradually degraded, resulting in parts (components) failure.

This is the main cause of glass mechanical equipment failure, therefore, the study of parts (components) failure mechanism, identify failure mode is the main task to ensure diagnosis, but also lay the foundation of fault diagnosis information, ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing the life cycle cost of equipment;Fault analysis (failure analysis) is the main component of diagnosis theory.

General failure refers to the loss or reduction of the specified function of glass mechanical equipment.The glass mechanical equipment of the enterprise is equipped to meet the production process requirements or to complete the expected function of the project. The function of the glass mechanical equipment reflects its value in the production activities and the degree of guarantee for the production.Glass mechanical equipment failure will seriously affect the quantity and quality of enterprise products, so it is necessary to explore the law of fault occurrence;Manage and record faults;The fault mechanism is analyzed and effective measures are taken to control the occurrence of the fault.




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