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Application of touch screen technology in glass machinery

Industrial touch screen is a kind of intelligent interface which connects human and machine by touch type industrial display.It is an intelligent operation display terminal instead of the traditional control buttons and lights.It can be used to set parameters, display data, monitor the mechanical state of glass, and depict the automatic control process in the form of curve/animation.More convenient, fast, more expressive, and can be simplified for the PLC control program, powerful touch screen to create a friendly man-machine interface.As a special computer peripheral, touch screen is the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction.It gives multimedia with a new look, is a very attractive new multimedia interactive equipment.

A touch screen is through external object on the touch panel button switch or parameter is set to complete process control, on the front panel operating content can be artificially through the programming software to edit, at the same time, can put the complete process status display on the touch screen, so it is an input device, is also an output device, its operation is flexible and powerful.PLC system can be connected with touch screen only through DP network, which reduces the external signal transmission line and realizes the organic integration of resources.

With the large glass machinery for several years, the industry structure adjustment, a glass machinery factory of glass machinery also has carried on the overall reform, optimize the process, reduce the labor intensity and beautify the operating environment, especially to a previous mode of operation, to enable all the touch of the new system instead of the old button or lamp, and optimize the process flow, reduced the number of electrical equipment, greatly reduce the glass machinery failure rate, guarantee the stability of the glass machinery production, touch screen system is mainly used in the heating furnace of jigang plate glass machinery factory, finishing mill, straightening and finishing line work station.At present, the touch screen system has been used in the production line for one and a half years, with very strong stability, no crash or control failure, and simple operation by operators.




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