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Product Detail

Very large chemical steelmaking furnace


Technical features:

Chemical toughening equipment is to improve the strength of glass in the future by changing the chemistry of the glass surface.Because this toughening method changes the chemical composition of glass, it becomes a chemical toughening equipment.Chemical tempered glass, is to use general soda lime glass, in the form of ion exchange in the surface of glass manufacturing uneven residual stress, reach the purpose of strengthening (after ion exchange, due to the glass surface to form potassium glass layer, when cooling to narrow, contraction and sodium sodium layer in glass, make produce strong stress between layers inside and outside).

Processing range: no limit on shape, no limit on thickness, uniform strengthening, breaking through the traditional physical strengthening limit of 2.88mm (high potassium glass and high boron glass, chemical strengthening effect is not good).

Features: heat resistance and physical strengthening similar, high thermal shock temperature difference of more than 150 degrees Celsius, the use of temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius.The impact strength is about 3 times of physical strengthening.Because this processing temperature is lower than physical aggrandizement, won't produce ripple, twist, be out of shape so, surface flatness and before processing are identical completely, suit to do agglutination processing most.Chemically strengthened glass can be recut, but its strength will decrease after cutting.

Product application:

The products are widely used in ultrasonic toughened glass (0.5mm-3mm),g optical devices.Mobile phone instrument display panels, laminated glass substrate and other optical quality to repair and bending requirements of the application.




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